SyeahSkate4: Sickness (2008)


"if everyone put that much heart, soul and creativity into their rollerblading videos… The rollerblading world would be a better place. I loved it. It embraced the freakish nature of being a rollerblader, it had attitude, it was dangerous. Really creative, personal, and unpredictable. The video wasn’t afraid to be weird or different. Please make another video after this one."
Mushroom Blading

"Finally a video with some genuine personality in it. Nothing like it out there at the moment."

"probably the most creative and meticulous extreme video edit ive seen. some of the most extreme maneuvers and rail antics...some quality zombie makeup...and fucken brutal crashes. see what kinda of chaos can come out of a crew from a little country called greece."

"can’t remember the last video i watched that kept my attention like that one. thanks for injecting some personality into showing off what your homies are capable of. best video i can think of since i stopped really liking rollerblading videos"

"i fucking just shit my pants that was scarier than the time i watched mulholland drive while high and thinking it was a musical………… so wrong. just thought id inform you of how scared you guys got me well done."

Arrostia (Sickness) is the latest video attempt from Syeahskate , the oldest inline skating crew of Greece. Prepare yourselves for our "illness" themed video with skating from almost every afflicted person in Syeahskate in various cities of Greece and abroad.
This took over two years of touring, filming, editing, and 13 visits to the hospital..No really! Dont expect any mind-boggling tricks here but this totally represents our scene and will most prob make you soil your pants!

Directed, Filmed, Edited and Produced by Nick Kouros

SYEAH4 won the 2008 "Best Video Art Odysseus Award" at the