RUINED: A Meme Collage


A series of short handmade paper animations that can spread & repeat through public consciousness. An intense dialogue through a violently dense & rapid juxtaposition of imagery.

Embracing the absurdity of a rapidly fluctuating socioecological turmoil, Kouros created this piece as a cynical & often morbid collection of his vision of the future. An album of a relentless dystopia.  

PETAPIXEL feature on "Ruined"

KNOTFEST: The video itself is a hilarious, thought-provoking and often quite intentionally disturbing stop-motion collage with levels of surrealism that would make Salvador Dalí question if he’s too tame. Demonstrating their social and political commentary on a lot of the issues that have plagued the world over the last few years, from Covid to corrupt politicians, police brutality to… auto-fellating deer?

Blame Kandinsky: Ruined (2022)

Collage Art by Nicholas Kouros 

Animation by Nicholas Kouros & BassmentRats

Add. Illustrations by BassmentRats

Shot at Blade House, Athens, GR, during lockdown.

Recorded and mixed at Villa Giuseppe Recordings by Jacopo Fokas

Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street studio

We would like to acknowledge Marios Samaris, Anna Papathanasiou, Akis Rizos, Greg Samourkas, Xristos Papadodimas, Vagelis Bolanos, Nikos Anastasiadis & Pipis Matsagos for their invaluable contributions to this project.