Syeah Blade House 2014


Syeahskate, the rollerblading crew from Athens, Greece, have turned a house into a skate-house! Equipped with terrace railboxes, an indoor living room bowl!, a handrail and more, we are proud to present our 2nd in-house rollerblading event, featuring skaters from all over Greece and beyond!

VICE Greece article titled "SICKEST event of the year"

Shot by Ilias Mertis & Sifis DRS

Cut by Nick Kouros

Additional footage shot by Kostas Daskalopoulos & Akis Rizos
Ευχαριστίες : Νεφέλη, Χούλιο, Εσκίογλου, Σπάρος, Αγάπη, Μισραχί

Music :
Hidden In The Basement : Set intro (Live)
Bruises & Cuts with Mr.Soundproof : Power Moves remix (Notorious BIG) (Live)
Acoustic Covers When Punk Rock Bothers : Wherever i lay my head (Tom Waits) (Live)