Blade House 7 /// SYEAH is my name!


Syeahskate is a group of friends from Athens, Greece, who love to blade.
We have built a suburban residential home into a Blade - House! Equipped with a rail-box park, an indoor mini ramp, a handrail and more, we are happy to present our 7th annual event!

Heavyweight Champion: Gilles Buelens (Leuven)
Rail Killer: Sorin Coseraru (Bucharest)
Special Mention: Jo Zenk (Munster)
Blade House Honorary Key: Lubos Turek (Prague)
High Jump Champ: Nikos Diakoumeas (Athens)

Shot by Steve Kekis & Dinos Borboudakis // Cut by Nick Kouros

Track: "Revolution is my name" by Pantera (2000) // performed by Blade House Band (2019)

Track recorded & mixed by Jack Fokas

Bar services by Shake & Roll Athens

Supported by